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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Clark Kent's got nothin' on me!

Tonight was busy busy.  Of course, all moms know that evenings are no time to relax!  No!  Evenings are time to be cook, chauffeur, nanny, maid, psychologist, and many other jobs.  Forget the day job!  Evenings require SuperMom. 

This evening I threw off my Clark Kent glasses and red tie to scramble together some kind of meal for my girls + one (Raven needed a ride to church with Kayla - but I'm getting ahead of myself) as Chris needed to eat and rush off to his ESL adult class he teaches two days a week.  He had to rush because we attended a meeting at school to discuss the types of things we would like to see in a new principal (our current one is retiring) and it ran a little later than we had planned. 
While eating my salad and thinking I could fix my appropriate protein when I got back home, Scott called.  He & Kim had a schedule conflict since her softball game had been rescheduled, could I come over and watch Daegen & Ridley.  Well, of course, when?  In about 20 minutes?  Faster than a speeding bullet, I inhaled my salad and some ground turkey (we'll see if it becomes kryptonite as it is NOT listed AT ALL on our hcg protocol - as a matter of fact, our doc drew our attention to the fact that it is NOT on there!) and threw the girls in the little car. 
But, wait!  We're missing Bailey!  Oh, chauffeur time!  Was Clark ever a chauffeur?  No, I don't believe the Man of Steel was ever requested to give someone a lift... but he is a man and I am woman - we have different rules.  Bailey finally meandered out of her house and into the car.  I almost threw the girls out of the car (yes, I waited to make sure they got into the building - xray vision didn't help there, but an over-the-shoulder glance does the trick) and dashed over to the Hermes residence. 
Landing with grace and ease (hehehehehe), I was greeted with a big smile from the cutest little man I know.  It was a pleasureable hour (and 45 min or so) with the two babies.  Daegen is 2 (3 in May) and Ridley was born in January.  She talked my ear off this evening, lemme tell ya!  As for D, only a SuperPerson could keep up with his energy level as he danced, ran, and spun his way around the room dozens of times.  And then my girl texted me: she's done!  But Kim isn't quite home.  I felt as hopeless as if I'd lost the power struggle with the locomotive for a few minutes until Kim did get there.  I did feel bad for not visiting a little bit; I actually feel like I tossed her children at her and waved as I ran out the door.  Rush rush rush back to the church where the girls made me WAIT on them!!! 
Superman didn't have to have patience did he? 
I guess my girls weren't as concerned as I was that I was running late...  Raven's mom was there (minus one girl), and we took Bailey back home (minus two), and we sped back to our home in a single bound. 
Finally, the saga can come to a close - sort of.  I still had the normal supermom duties - dishes, food log, lunches for tomorrow, kitchen straightening, laundry, get ready for bed, et cetera et cetera.

Which brings me to my close.  I traded Clark Kent's professional attire for Superman's cape and am quite ready to trade both of those for my pajamas (pants, tshirt, socks)! 

I do have the suit and tie pressed and ready for tomorrow's adventures.

food log                               calories:
pork                                          140
cabbage soup                            52
lettuce                                         12
ground turkey                          150
.25 c noodles                              34
orange                                         62
melba                                          60 (look!  better today!)
strawberries                              97
total for day:                        607

Looks like I'd better cut back!  I'm still 100 calories over.  I did eat more strawberries than usualy, and the noodles again (more kryptonite) - we'll watch to see how the turkey affects my losing streak.  I am down 1.1 more pounds to 211.9 this morning.  Still very weirded out at how well this is working with how NOT hungry I am (anytime I've eaten extra has been just temptation, not hunger) and with how energetic/normal I do feel.  So strange to see!

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