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Friday, April 1, 2011


I don't feel well.  I have a bad headache (they seem to be coming in fast and thick lately) to the point where I am nauseated.  I haven't eaten much today (which is good, ordinarily I'd "soothe" the tummy & head aches by eating - nonsense, I know, but...).  So I am off to bed early tonight. 

Food log:                             calories
chicken (75g)                         124
1.5 pickles                                 12
melba toast                            144
tilapia (75g)                             76
1.3 c strawberries                  77
total for day:                    432

Ironically, although I feel like I haven't eaten much at all today, my calories are over 400 & I'm supposed to stick to 500.  Pretty close, huh?  I did have a Sonic diet Limeade (Derek G. left to get his lunch and offered to bring one back for me - wasn't that sweet?) which was 10 calories, according to their website.

I didn't lose any yesterday or today.  Tomorrow is measurement day.  Hopefully change is in the works!

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