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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Red Red Wine...

And I had a small glass of it tonight.  According to all the stuff I've read online, it's a major nono.  Blends badly with the starchy vegetables here in phase 2 or something (didn't realize these veggies were starchy, but you learn something new everyday!).  I won't eat my strawberries, and I'm still under on my calories today.  I did lose again.  Broke 210.  Haven't seen that number since last Spring? Last January?  Longer?  Probably longer.  I'm so excited to be close to that 200 mark.  Hope the glass of wine doesn't just break me down right now.  Of course, NOW I'm regretting it, but I drank it and if it sets me back, it sets me back.  I'll live and work my way back on track.  Next week, I'll take a bottle of water over to Terra's and just drink it.  Sigh.  I sure love a glass of wine, though.  I did feel it pretty quickly.  My HCG protocol does say that it'll really hit you harder.  I don't feel hit, but I'm drinking my water like a good girl.

Today:  chicken, pickles, orange, chicken, lettuce (I put verde/tomatillo sauce on it... spicy!  That's probably a nono too, but I'll have to live dangerously!), and a 3 1/2 oz glass of wine.  LOTS of water.  Filled up my old WW green cup and drank it down.  The stupid thing does not fit into the car cupholders, dang it!  So it is definitely something that is either home or school and NO traveling!  Total calories: 424

I really enjoyed my visit with Terra.  Haven't seen her in a few weeks (not since the camping trip), so it was good to sit on their deck and jabber away.  I don't even remember what we talked about, but that's the point of a friend, right?  To be able to listen and to talk and it not matter what was said as long as you got to do the listening and the talking?

I am very tired.  Shouldn't be, because all I did at school today was give the field test EOC exam for English III.  It was so nice having all my juniors to myself.  I'm getting very tired of sharing them.  Thank goodness I get to take them all back in just a couple of weeks.  I have decided that I do not have the temperament to have a student teacher.  I'll let someone else have them & just smile from now on.

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