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Thursday, April 7, 2011


I like the tickers.  Even though my sliders are way to the left, they move ever so slightly to the right.  Ever so slightly, I know, but still fun to watch.  More interesting than paint peeling and a little slower than grass growing, you have to admit!

By the way, the reason the two tickers are different about my goals is that I haven't decided my final goal yet.  My WW goal was always 130 - which is also the weight I've always wanted to be.  My dr said to aim a little higher.  Aim for what I weighed when I got married or graduated high school.  But that was 145-150 and I want to be lower than that if possible.  Now if I look great at 145 and look emaciated at 140, I'll stop.  So one ticker is my wanna wanna weight - 130 and the other is my little higher weight  - 135.  Yeah, 5 pounds... big whoop.  Well, yes, I lose 5 pounds and to me that is a big whoop.  More like a WHOOP!

208.2 this morning.  Under 210 again.  wow.  I am just amazed.

209.6 right now.  That should mean I lose again tomorrow.  I never count my chickens though.  Not wise.  Tomorrow I start my online class to become certified to teach online courses (ahhh!  wise... online class to be able to teach online classes...)

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