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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Wish me luck

Tonight we are going to the Sanger Education Foundation Annual Gala.  We've never been before.  April is notoriously and historically a tight month for us, so we've never been able to afford tickets.  Since Chris now has sort of an "in" at admin, when one of the businesses that had bought an entire table gave back a couple of tickets since a couple of their people couldn't go, Valerie (lady in charge) gave them to Chris.  Otherwise, we'd have had to cough up $40 a ticket (and that's at cost...).  Thank you, CoServe!
I'm nervous about it.  They'll serve food.  I am afraid I won't know anyone and that Chris will be a social butterfly and leave me.  I guess I'll find out.

I am now under 200 for sure.  The "for sure" part occured to me last night when  I had to go buy a new scale.  Our old one died!  Now of all times!!!  But I tried some out (yes, weighed myself right there in the middle of the store) to see which look/effect I liked the most.  I was pleased with them all, because even with jeans on and it being late in the day - I was still  weighing 198-something.  The something changed by scale, but still!!!

This morning 195.2.  Lowest in about 3 years.
Won't post my food log until after the Gala.  Wish me luck!

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