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Saturday, April 9, 2011

the ACT test

The A.C.T. was administered today all over the country.   I know this because I am the test center supervisor (a long name for someone who does all the paperwork).  I also ask people to administer the test and mail the answer sheets and test booklets off to A.C.T.
Today everything went really smoothly.  So I was bored.  I had 3 rooms, so I was in the hallway monitoring.  I usually have grading to do, but since I'm making my student teacher responsible for all that, I didn't have any today.  And I won't when we give it in June because school will be out.  The SAT test in May is a different story.  I may or may not have grading.  I spent a good hour looking for fun wallpapers to put on my computer.  I like that the computer now has a slide show for the wallpapers, so your background changes every few minutes.  Right now it's Disney - mostly princesses, but I threw in some favorite movie scenes and such. 

Such a good use of my college degree. 
Since I actually use my degree every day & usually am not the least bit bored during these administrations, I'm not really complaining.  More amused than anything.

Weighed in today at 207.4.  Am still amazed.
food log:
eggs (2 whites & 1 whole), celery soup, and strawberries for lunch: 200 calories
tilapia and cucumber for supper: 98 calories
melba toast for snack (not good...):  145 calories
strawberries for night snack: 77 calories
total for day:   520 calories

I think I need to make sure we don't purchase the melba snacks. I don't need them.  I do like the occasional crunch and salt, though.  I'll think about it.

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