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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Holding pattern

Am holding steady at 211 right now.  I'm doing everything correctly - okay, overeating the strawberries is not good & I need to drink more water.

I did not finish logging on Saturday & I didn't log Sunday or Monday.  Wow!  I'm willing to bet I could fill in the blanks with what I typically eat and be pretty darn close to right.  I may give it a try. 

Weighed in today at school.  We're participating in a weight loss contest.  According to their scales, I weighed 210 this morning (a good pound less than I weighed naked on my scales this morning) & have so far lost 10 pounds.  I was in the lead for the women, but this week I only lost 3 pounds (only!  I usually would be ecstatic about a 3 pound a week loss!)as compared to my 7 pounds last week.

I'm not in a writing mood.  Sad, that I feel the need to be in a "mood" for something I usually love.    I ate chicken & cabbage for lunch.  Had an orange as a snack and 1 serving (JUST ONE!) of melba snacks.  I had yucky filet mignon (minus the bacon) & a yummy salad for supper.  I ended my evening with a cup (generous) of strawberries.  Total: 519 calories.

Other news:  Kayla got a puppy last night.  She's a pomahuahua (mom's a pomeranian & dad's a chihuahua - usually called pomchi on the internet - but pomahuahua is much more fun to say) & her name is Daisee.  She is a sweet funny little LITTLE thing.

Chris had his meeting with our superintendent today.  Mr. Crutsinger said all the right things and Chris made all the right replies, I guess.  The new job of Instructional Tech Director is his.  Lots of details I'll believe when I see.  Right now all I see is that his work load will increase.  He's thrilled.  I'm so proud of him and all he's worked for.  He deserves this promotion.

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