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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Clark Kent's got nothin' on me!

Tonight was busy busy.  Of course, all moms know that evenings are no time to relax!  No!  Evenings are time to be cook, chauffeur, nanny, maid, psychologist, and many other jobs.  Forget the day job!  Evenings require SuperMom. 

This evening I threw off my Clark Kent glasses and red tie to scramble together some kind of meal for my girls + one (Raven needed a ride to church with Kayla - but I'm getting ahead of myself) as Chris needed to eat and rush off to his ESL adult class he teaches two days a week.  He had to rush because we attended a meeting at school to discuss the types of things we would like to see in a new principal (our current one is retiring) and it ran a little later than we had planned. 
While eating my salad and thinking I could fix my appropriate protein when I got back home, Scott called.  He & Kim had a schedule conflict since her softball game had been rescheduled, could I come over and watch Daegen & Ridley.  Well, of course, when?  In about 20 minutes?  Faster than a speeding bullet, I inhaled my salad and some ground turkey (we'll see if it becomes kryptonite as it is NOT listed AT ALL on our hcg protocol - as a matter of fact, our doc drew our attention to the fact that it is NOT on there!) and threw the girls in the little car. 
But, wait!  We're missing Bailey!  Oh, chauffeur time!  Was Clark ever a chauffeur?  No, I don't believe the Man of Steel was ever requested to give someone a lift... but he is a man and I am woman - we have different rules.  Bailey finally meandered out of her house and into the car.  I almost threw the girls out of the car (yes, I waited to make sure they got into the building - xray vision didn't help there, but an over-the-shoulder glance does the trick) and dashed over to the Hermes residence. 
Landing with grace and ease (hehehehehe), I was greeted with a big smile from the cutest little man I know.  It was a pleasureable hour (and 45 min or so) with the two babies.  Daegen is 2 (3 in May) and Ridley was born in January.  She talked my ear off this evening, lemme tell ya!  As for D, only a SuperPerson could keep up with his energy level as he danced, ran, and spun his way around the room dozens of times.  And then my girl texted me: she's done!  But Kim isn't quite home.  I felt as hopeless as if I'd lost the power struggle with the locomotive for a few minutes until Kim did get there.  I did feel bad for not visiting a little bit; I actually feel like I tossed her children at her and waved as I ran out the door.  Rush rush rush back to the church where the girls made me WAIT on them!!! 
Superman didn't have to have patience did he? 
I guess my girls weren't as concerned as I was that I was running late...  Raven's mom was there (minus one girl), and we took Bailey back home (minus two), and we sped back to our home in a single bound. 
Finally, the saga can come to a close - sort of.  I still had the normal supermom duties - dishes, food log, lunches for tomorrow, kitchen straightening, laundry, get ready for bed, et cetera et cetera.

Which brings me to my close.  I traded Clark Kent's professional attire for Superman's cape and am quite ready to trade both of those for my pajamas (pants, tshirt, socks)! 

I do have the suit and tie pressed and ready for tomorrow's adventures.

food log                               calories:
pork                                          140
cabbage soup                            52
lettuce                                         12
ground turkey                          150
.25 c noodles                              34
orange                                         62
melba                                          60 (look!  better today!)
strawberries                              97
total for day:                        607

Looks like I'd better cut back!  I'm still 100 calories over.  I did eat more strawberries than usualy, and the noodles again (more kryptonite) - we'll watch to see how the turkey affects my losing streak.  I am down 1.1 more pounds to 211.9 this morning.  Still very weirded out at how well this is working with how NOT hungry I am (anytime I've eaten extra has been just temptation, not hunger) and with how energetic/normal I do feel.  So strange to see!

LilySlim Weight loss tickers

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Just today...

I am really in a blah kind of mood again.  I believe I'll just log and go tonight. 

I maintained today.  213.  I figure that since I was so bad last night, it's a good thing I didn't gain!  Today I was much better.  Still went over (damn that melba toast for being crunchy!), but was much better.

food log                                       calories
pork (75 g)                                      140
cucumber                                          34
orange                                               62
pork (90 g)                                     150
cabbage soup (1.5 c)                       52
melba toast                                     144 (not tomorrow, though! I will persevere!)
strawberries                                     46
total for day:                                628

See ya tomorrow!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Missed it!

I didn't log yesterday. And I didn't do my food log the day before.  There goes my perfect record!  I was aiming to log daily, but life stepped in and we got distracted by other things.  Namely, the TWT Online class I'm taking.  I was having the hardest time trying to finalize the assignment she wanted us to do.  Chris couldn't even figure out how to get the picture small enough to upload. We finally had to do a work around.  Technically, I didn't complete the assignment correctly, but I did complete it.  If she wants to see the "correct" assignment, I can email it to her.  I was so frustrated with it!  I didn't cry but I thought about it...

Weight wise?  Still losing.  Down to 213.  I haven't been this weight (according to where I track it electronically) since last August.  Wow.  I am still so amazed at this.  I keep waiting for it to stop or slow or go backwards.  I did cheat today...I made Kayla noodles and had a big tablespoon of them...  I probably should have measured exactly, but I didn't do that either...  Also, Chris wanted limeades, so got a diet limeade and added cranberry to it.  If we're going to do that, we need to add diet lime or diet cherry to it so there aren't calories.   We're still learning and testing our boundaries.  I try not to think of it as a setback, because if I do, I'll be more inclined to berate myself and then eat more.  Sigh...

food log                                            calories
melba snacks                                         48
tilapia                                                      98
cucumber                                                15
orange                                                     62
pasta dish                                               68
pork tenderloin                                     143
pickles                                                      24
more melba :(                                        150
strawberries                                            77
total for day                                          686 (not including whatever the limeade was...)

Tomorrow is another day!  I'll do better than I did today.  I know it and I promise it!

Saturday, March 26, 2011


Every weight loss program will tell you that even if the scale isn't moving you can still determine progress from the measuring tape.  I have never enjoyed taking my measurements.  I figure, though, that my weight loss will slow & to keep my momentum (which has been astounding so far) I'll need to track those lost inches.  I didn't actually measure on day one (I do have some TERRIBLE pictures though), but I figure this "almost" is relatively like a horseshoe, right?

Then I measured today and didn't really figure I would have changed any inches.  Boy, was I wrong.  According to that tape, I've lost 9 1/2 inches so far.

I set up an Excel Spreadsheet (took forever - I know there are quick ways to do the formulas, but since I don't know them, I did it manually.  Chris is so gonna laugh at me when he finds out.) to automatically calculate my differences each week.  Hopefully, I can figure out how to copy that information here.

measurements     start    week 1 Diff
neck1616    0
chest4948      1
waist4240    2
tummy4846    2
booty45.544    1.5
rt arm1413.5   0.5
left arm1312.5   0.5
rt leg2826.5    1.5
left leg2726.5   0.5
          Inches lost   9.5
weight220.7215.4   5.3

I had to go in and adjust the spacing, but it worked!  The last column is the list of differences from week 1 to week 2.    So far, so good!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Writers' Quotes

Chris loves documentaries.  I never would have figured him for that, but he is most definitely a nerd when it comes to history, animals, and the extras on the DVD.  Lately he's been watching war shows by Ken Burns.  One thing Burns is very good at is incorporating excerpts from journal entries, letters from participants/eye-witnesses, interviews, and quotes from people of the times that pertain to the subject matter.

These quotes humble me.  I like writing.  I truly enjoy it.  Many of these quotes are from people that didn't consider themselves "writers" but as something else and their writing was done kind of as a sideline.  And they are beautiful.  The turns of phrase, the descriptive wording, and the flow and meaning ascend into art.  When you take their backgrounds (many are uneducated or self-educated or educated up through grade school only) into account, they move towards genius.  I feel honored to be able to recognize the elements that make up these comments, and despair that there is no way I could put anything close to this standard onto paper.

As far as my weight-loss journey goes, today was a good day.  I am going to go over on my calories by just a bit.  It'll be close, but I'll go over.

I weighed in at 216 this morning.  If I compare that to my Dr's history of my weight I've lost 10.8 pounds.  If I compare it to my records on my own scales (which have the benefit of all being taken at the same time first thing in the morning), I've lost 9 pounds.  I'll use the 9 pounds as it reflects the weight I typed into,  my "weight ticker" below, my calendar tracking page).  I sit here amazed.  We started this diet technically last Thursday and the VLCD on Saturday.  I've lost 9 pounds in 8 or 6 (depending on which day you want to flag) days.  If (and I'm a Doubting Thomas) I continue at this rate, by the end of this phase of the diet, I will have shed about 50 pounds.  The Dr said it was probably going to be close to 40, so I figure it will do as all diets do & slow down.  We shall continue to do our best & we shall see.

food log:                                calories
melba snacks                                 60
chicken (75g)                                124
cucumber                                         34
apple                                                 95
chicken (75g)                                124
cucumber                                        34
orange                                             62
total for day:                              531

I do not feel well today, but do not feel like it is a reflection of the diet.  I have a bladder infection that truly hurt today.  I've developed a raging headache as the day's progressed.  I believe I shall call it a day very soon & put myself to bed.  (Dear My Follower, I will call you sometime this weekend just because I love you.)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Unwelcome Trip

Today I lost again, but I didn't enjoy it.  I weighed in this morning at 217.4.  I only got about 3 hours of sleep though - and none of that continuous.  I woke up about 2 with sharp pains & realized I had a bladder infection.  I fought the idea until 4:30 when I caved and got out my AzoStandard to finally get 1 1/2 hours of sleep.

It was, of course, on my mind all day long.  I called my Dr's office & they were VERY nice and said they'd squeeze me in at 4 if I could make it by then.  I made the trip across the dam and into Pilot Point & even a little ways toward Tioga.  Whew!  They were true to their word!  I was in at 4 and out by 4:35.  Such nice nice people there at North Texas Family Medicine.  They keep that up and we will change our PCP to them.  (sounds like a threat!)

I also made a couple of discoveries.  Today I made a change in my eating (measuring actually), and tomorrow I'll make another one.

food log:                                     calories:
coffee                                                  0
chicken (75g)                                 124
pickles                                              32
chicken (75g)                                 124
cabbage                                            17
melba toast (2 pcs)                        39
orange                                             62
melba snacks                                  36
total for day:                            434

  Hard to believe one change (75g of chicken instead of 100g - we were supposed to be measuring it RAW and not COOKED, so we were overeating!) makes that much difference & I'm still not hungry!  Dr asked how I was feeling - and I feel good, normal, and really do not have cravings for anything so far.  Of course, we've only been on the HCG for 8 days & on the VLCD for 6, but I feel like I'm doing okay.  You have to understand, for the last two years, I haven't been able to "stick" to a diet/eating change for more than 2 days - and even then, I usually had a glass of wine (& counted the calories/points for it).  I figure I'll drop some weight just by not drinking any alcohol for this 6 weeks.  But, 1 week down - 5 to go!  I think I can do it; I can barely stand waiting to see my results.  I'm hoping for good ones.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Food Log for 3/23

I nearly forgot to do my food log tonight!

food log:                                     calories:
coffee                                                 0
chicken (100g)                              165
cabbage soup                                   35
orange                                               87
melba toast                                       59
chicken                                            165
cucumber                                          34
orange                                               87
total for day:                              664

Still way over on my calories, but I'm not eating anything I'm not supposed to.  If I maintain or gain, I'll cut out the melba toast & cut back on my garlic salt.  I am SURE I overdid it on the garlic salt tonight (but it's so good on the cucumber!).

Our grocery bill has lowered so far.  We are pretty sure it will lower some more.  We'll have to watch the trends to see what we're buying and see if all this fruit and these veggies (which pretty much have to be fresh - green and leafy doesn't show up often in the frozen food aisle) are increasing our bill or lowering it.  We are expecting it to lower.  I'll track it here.


It looks so funny to see on my dashboard that I have a "follower".

Hehehehe!!  I love you, CristyJ!

Blah blah blah

I am just feeling blah today.  I have a headache that's not helping, but I am not sure that any of it is the diet.   Many of my students complained of headache, and several other teachers mentioned having a very hard time getting motivated today.  Lord knows I had a hard time doing what I needed.  One of my students was overheard saying I hated their class and was just mean.  She's one of my biggest whiners, so yes she would consider me mean.  She doesn't know what a compliment that is to a teacher. ;)

I am up 0.1 pound.  so to 217.8 this morning.  Chris said he was up too.  Is the melba toast to blame??  Stay tuned!

No depth of thinking today.  Mainly depth of wishing for a nap or an early bedtime.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Proud Mama & Cabbage Soup


Yes, I most certainly did mean to shout that!  I am so proud of my girl!  She's been working really hard to do this!

I am just bursting with pride for her!

And, yet again, I went over on my calories.  I still have a piece of fruit to go, but I don't think I want it.  Amazing thing, that.  I got hungry today, but an orange fended that away.  I want to still be very good because I am seeing changes in the scales.  I did take my measurements yesterday so that if the scale slows down (and I 'm sure it will) I can see if inches are coming off instead.  Y'know, how you lose weight - it shifts around - you lose some more - it shifts...  Tricky tricky stuff - weight...

I am down to 217.7 as of this morning.  I haven't been under 220 since at least last October sometime.  That's a nice feeling.  And seeing that scale # be lower - even a little bit (although I realize that 3 pounds isn't really a little bit) - make me want to be good for the rest of the day.  AHHH.... such logic!

food log:                                 calories
coffee                                                0
cucumber                                        34
100 g chicken                               165
orange                                              62
melba toast                                      78
100 g chicken                                 165
1 c cabbage soup                             35
total for day:                              538

And I wasn't expecting to enjoy cabbage boiled in chicken broth and spices to be enjoyable, but it really was.  Don't think I could have it daily... but I could have it for dinner and for lunch once a week.  What do you think?

Sunburn is getting itchy.  Soon I'll look like my arms have dandruff.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Meetings and minutia

The meeting went well.  It was relatively short (as meetings go).  One major plus: as Kayla is mascot and not cheerleader, she got to leave when the girls were trying on uniforms & being fitted!  Whoop!

Just finished my strawberries.  I'm still hungry.  I am not sure why.  Last night I wasn't.  And I wasn't the night before either.  But tonight I am.  And my head hurts a bit.  Could be any of about a dozen reasons why.  Diet.  Hydration.  Missed medicine (but just this morning - so am now caught up again). Student teacher stress.  Student stress.  Cheer mom meeting.  Money.  Me.  Y'know.  Any number of reasons.

It'll go away or it won't.  One of the two.  And, sooner or later, it'll stop.  Ah. Pragmatism!

Cheater, cheater pumpkin eater

That's me!

Yep... cheated again today.  602 total calories.  Still without the melba toast.

Food log:                              calories:
coffee                                           0
chicken (3.5 oz)                       164
onion                                            26
orange                                         87
chicken (130 g)                       215
cucumber                                    34
1 c thawed strawberries        77
total for day:                         602

I am amazed, though, that THAT amount of food is holding me.  For the most part.   I did get hungry today - very.  Which is why I went over on the protein for supper.  Maybe I should have had more cucumber instead.  I'll try that tomorrow if I get hungry again.  After all, my calories are obviously in my protein intake and not in the vegetable or fruit area.

But, I lost weight again.  220.7 AND when I got home I was even lower than that!  219.something.  I haven't been under 220 since before November.  Probably before October, but I'd have to check the old calendar.

Chris says he can hardly wait for tomorrow's weight.  I just laughed.  Never figured I'd hear him say that or be thinking the anywhere along those lines.  Unfortunately, I want to be DONE.  I want this to be April and to be further down this road.  I need to just breathe and take it a day at a time.  One full week is almost up.  Starting Thursday morning is week two.  I think.  Do you count from Day 1 of the HCG or Day 1 of the VLCD (very low calorie diet)?  I'll have to find out.

Kayla and I are off to our first official JV cheer squad meeting.  It starts at 7 & I still need to change clothes.  Then we have to run to Target to pick up some prescriptions.  Yuck, prescriptions.  Yuck, run to Target.  :p

Oh, well, I'll catch you up when we return.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Something's gotta give

I went over on calories again today.  And I'm not sure why.  I will definitely be watching to see if I lose weight or stop or what happens, as I haven't even added the melba toast to the  menu yet, and I should be allowed to do so any time. Chris says not to worry about it, we're close enough.

I did cheat just a bit.  I had a little too much chicken & two small pieces of pork (that's a no-no).

So, no more of that!

Food log:                       calories
orange                                 87
chicken 100 g                   165
celery    1 c diced                19
chicken 140 g  :(               231    (not actually sure about the measurements, but over-estimating is better than under, yes?)
onion                                     44
strawberries   1 c halves   49
total for day:                     594

And mark today as done.  Overall, I am  proud of myself.  There were so many times I wanted to head into the kitchen and just grab something!  And weekends are my worst times to try and watch what I eat.  It's so much easier during the week days as I am away from the kitchen entirely until about 5:00 in the evenings.  I am sure it's like that for most people.

Tomorrow we go back to school.  Spring Break is over.  I am SO not ready for school to come back in to session. I am sure I'll be just fine tomorrow (as it'll feel like we never really left - good thing for the sunburn, it'll remind me often that we did get a break!). 

But, we'll see how crazy the kids get.  Fun fun!!  :)

Let's get it started in here

Something is working.  (so far)
I am down 3.3 pounds.  y'know, this little weight loss ticker is pretty cool!
I am still skeptical as to how long this will last, but am willing to make it through today to find out.

Saturday, March 19, 2011


Obviously I have some learning to do.
I see that my ticker was added!  Yea!  That's a plus.

I forgot my food log.  Sorry!            
Breakfast: 1 lg apple                           116
Lunch:   100 g sirloin                          156
                        celery                                31
Supper: 100 g chicken (grilled)         165
                         onion                               44
                 1 c strawberries                    58
Total for day:                                      570

OH NO!!  I went over!
And I tried so hard!  Dang celery!  ;-)
I'm pretty darn close though.  I am proud of my attempt.  PLUS, we walked about 5-6 miles today (went camping and our camp was at the END of the trail the FARTHEST away from the bathrooms) & that yesterday also. 
I'll keep trying to work this & see what I have to do.

Start at the beginning... when you get to the end, stop.

Today is (again) the first day of the rest of my life.  And this is good and bad, as always.

It's good because starting on anything is exciting and holds such possibilities.  It's bad because starting on anything is exciting and holds such possibility for doubt and insecurity to move in.

List of blessings:
loving husband of 20+ years
2 beautiful redheaded daughters (healthy, smart, full of ambition and dreams)
good job that I love
enjoyable hobbies and pasttimes
good friends to talk to and spend time with
a marvelous and supportive extended family (brother, sisters, mom & dad, etc)
steady income
cars that run whenever (this is a major blessing - trust me)

List of ... well, negativity

Whoops!  Did I repeat myself?  No, really the only things I consider negative in my life all revolve around me (and, no, I do not believe the world revolves around me).  My attitude.  My appearance.  My perspective on things.  My self-doubt.  My...

But!  Today is that first day.  Rest of my life starts now.
Chris (darling husband) and I started a weight loss program recently.  Again.  Or maybe as usual.  Hmmmmm.

My weight has been a constant pull downward on me and my self for as long as I can remember.  Chubby girl.  Pleasantly plump.  Pretty, but... 
It keeps me as an enemy to me.  I doubt so many things due to my lack of confidence in myself.  And I blame that lack of confidence on my weight and inconsistency in doing anything about it.  So I do blame my weight on me.  And I blame my ever slowly increasing weight on me too.
But I am not currently at my heaviest.  I am currently 40 odd pounds lower than my heaviest.  I did that (with Chris's help) through Weight Watchers.  And I had even lost more than that - I'd gotten 70 pounds off!  Now I've gained.    Experience, yes.  Age, yes.  Wisdom, probably not.  Confidence, nope - when I stopped losing weight, my confidence took a plunge.  I place WAY too much importance on my weight and whether it is creeping up or down.  For THAT, I blame society (and myself - I consider myself a realist).

But, today we started the HCG diet.  I am a skeptic.  Dr. Andy says that skeptics make the best patients for this diet because we will do everything perfectly just to try and prove the system wrong.  And end up losing.  Losing weight & losing that skepticism. 
Well, maybe I will and maybe I won't.  I have to admit that I made it through today on 500 calories (food tracker further down) and wasn't hungry.  Of course, today is day 1. 

Told you I was skeptical...  And annoyed...

And Anne Knoyd...      We'll see.

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