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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spitting Distance

Today I weighed 203.6 when I got on my scale this morning.  203.6.
That is "spitting distance" to (as they say on WW forums) ONEderland!
I've been there before.  It is a wonderful feeling.  Especially since I hadn't been there for all of my 14-yr-old's life, and for not much of my 19-yr-old's.  I actually got down to the lowest I'd been for my entire oldest daughter's life (189), but lost focus and gained a lot of it back. (Well, duh, or your ticker would be in a WAY different place!)  And now I'm within 5 pounds of under 200 again.  
If I sound incredulous, it's because I am.  Absolutely.  I wake up and go to step on the scale and I fully expect to have gained 5-10 pounds back.  Every morning.  Even though I'm good on my calories (which reminds me, remind me to tell you in a minute how proud of myself I am...) or even under (not usually on purpose - will explain that also).  Or that I expect it to stay the same.  And am affirmed regularly about the staying the same part.  But then I lose.  Suddenly.  Yesterday I weighed in at 207.4 and today 203.6 = 3.8 pounds.  4 pounds in one night.  Incredulous.
I was way under on my calories yesterday.  Not purposely.  I didn't feel well.  My tummy was bothering me - one of those "can't tell what's wrong, but something is wrong" kind of feelings.  Nothing I could pinpoint.  Then it hit and I spent some time in the bathroom.  I hate that.  Then you never know when it'll quit.  I don't know if it was something I ate, or a virus, or what... But I won't complain.  I like the weight results today.
We're having a weight loss challenge at work.  Chris says I'm winning.  I don't have any idea if I am or not, but I know that their scale weighs me at 203 with clothes on (skimpy ones hehehehe).  I can handle that.
I am so proud of myself, because I resisted temptation!  Chris had a root canal done today.  He was miserable when I picked him up.  We got home and he decided he wanted comfort food.  A hamburger from Sonic no less.  Thank goodness for coupons.  So I took him.  Ordered him a cheeseburger, Kierstin a hamburger, Kayla a kid's meal (chicken strips & french fries), and drinks.  I have had my drink, but nothing else.  I didn't steal a nibble from a chicken strip, or his cheeseburger, OR EVEN A FRENCH FRY!!  That's progress, baby!  I am darn proud.

Chris attended the board meeting last night.  The school board unanimously voted him in as Instructional Technology Director for the district.   I am very very pleased and proud of him.  He deserves this and it's what he's really wanted for a couple of years now.  He'll have an office over at the Administration Building (Annex, anyway).  I'll miss having him up at school.  I enjoy our drives to work (short though they are) and home again.  He's promised to figure out a day when he'll come over and have lunch with me every week.  Being the skeptic I am, I'm pretty sure it'll get bumped quite often, but I'll keep faith that it'll happen regularly.  He will get a raise.  He will work year round (Two weeks off during summer & all the regular school holidays).  Looks like I'm in for a boring summer.  I think I'll go hang out at Kristie's pool.  Maybe I can get a tan (hahahahaha).

We're excited.  Lots of possibilities!

food log:
chicken & celery for lunch, orange for snack, chicken and cucumber for supper, strawberries to round out my day.  399 calories

I figured out I was mis-measuring my strawberries.  I measure them out while they're frozen, but putting them into as thawed.  Costs me over 20 calories!!  Must stop that!  When all you have to work with is 500 calories, one must get as much bang for the buck as one can!!

Can't wait to see how far I spit tomorrow!  ;)

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  1. I am very proud of you. I STILL haven't given up Dr Pepper or sugar or anything. STILL at 255 pounds. So why don't I DO something about it?