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Friday, April 8, 2011


Yesterday I mentioned the tickers.  They are a very cool techno thing.    It's amazing to me that I can change the weight on their site and it updates everywhere I have the ticker.
Usually, I just print out the thermometer from Dottie's Weight Loss Zone.

Which is kind of fun to fill in also.  I have one that I filled in when I was doing weight watchers really well and I FILLED  it in!  So I had to start a second one... and then I faltered.  So, when I get back down to the weight I was, I can just use that one again on my fridge.  Low tech.

Another high tech thing I just found is the site
I tried it and it was fun, but since it wasn't a full body picture, it was WAY inaccurate.  For example, I was sitting down in the picture and it just slimmed my face and shoulders.  My arms and boobs didn't change at all.  I laughed and laughed!  I seriously hope I DON'T look like that at 65 pounds lighter.  I always feel for those women that have huge-mongous breasts and are just tiny or even regular size.  These were almost cartoon-y in shape and size.  I deserved a last minute laugh!

I think I'll go the low tech route and just take a picture of myself when I hit that weight.  Ah, confidence!  I wish I truly had it.

Some other amazing thoughts about technology are Nooks, iPads, and the iTouch or iPhone.  I didn't think I'd like my Nook.  I felt like Chris wanted me to have one more than I wanted one myself, so I felt pressured into buying it.  I do like it now.  It has saved us a great deal of money because I haven't needed to run to Recycled or Barnes & Noble to get  a new book.  I can just download one or "check one out" from a library (that's a way cool technology in and of itself!).  Now they have a color Nook.  I played with one at the store and was thinking I'd like one of those for my birthday.  What I REALLY wanted was an iPad, but Chris kept saying that a color Nook would be fine and there are ways of  "jailbreaking" the color Nooks to become tablets - just like the iPad.  I don't want to do that, but I relented and stopped asking about the iPad - just concentrating on the Nook.  Well, he's been doing research on all things Apple and is now sold.  He wants to get an iMac or a MacBook.  He attended an inservice today (paid for by the technology guy's inservice funds) and received an iPad 2.  He's been on cloud 9 about it for days.  I told him yesterday that I found it highly ironic that he nixed my iPad wishes but was excited about getting one himself.  He said that he still thought I'd like the color Nook better (and we can jailbreak it - no, I am not the jailbreak kind).  Today he came home and said to nevermind.  I would definitely prefer the iPad 2 and we'd just save up until we could get me one.  Talk about a techno-turnaround!  I got to play with his for a little bit and I do think I'd like one (just like I had thought before).  His dad is upgrading his iPhone to the 4, and knows I've wanted an iTouch for a while.  So he reset his iPhone 3 to factory specs and is going to send it to me for my birthday.  I thought that was very nice - especially since I had told Suetta that we'd pay them for the phones when they planned on upgrading.  Oh, well - I  won't complain. 
But one more surprise is in store!  I've deliberated a few times on switching away from Sprint and going to Verizon or AT&T.  Their reception is better, but Sprint's better on their monthly plans/rates.  Anytime I bring it up, Chris says no.  Not even.  Not changing...  Then tonight in the car he tells me, "I think we'll end up switching to AT&T.  They get reception anywhere in the building and I'll need that with this new position."  WHOA!!  Who are you and where is MY husband???
I'm going to bed in a minute to see if the aliens have switched out the doppelganger for my real hubby!

food log:
chicken & pickles for lunch, melba snack for snack (only 1 serving), chicken and salad for supper.  Total for the day?  335 calories.  Actually way too few, but, see, there was an issue.  I got home at about 4:15 and peeled my orange snack.  Looked good, smelled good.  Put it in my mouth and it tasted rotten!  Like moldy gross rotten!  I had to rinse my mouth out with the soda in the fridge to get the taste out (I didn't drink the soda - coke zero - just wanted the taste gone).  Then I didn't feel like eating an orange.  EEEwwww.  I ate a couple of melba snacks a little while later.  Chris wanted to go to town (to get a case for his iPad) & so didn't eat until later.  Now, I am ready for bed and don't feel like eating my strawberries.  So I didn't get my two servings of fruit which equals about 140 calories.  Hence the 335 instead of almost 500.  I am sure I'll make up for it tomorrow.  It's Saturday and I have trouble keeping myself all in line on the weekends.

We'll see!  Good night all you people out there in the technoUniverse!  (:

LilySlim Weight loss tickers

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  1. YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH! I'm saving for an iPad! And you can get a nook app for the iPad and still access all things nook. I STILL would use my original nook for most reading because it's easier on my eyes. But I would love to have the iPad for SO much else and especially to keep up with your blog!