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Monday, March 21, 2011

Meetings and minutia

The meeting went well.  It was relatively short (as meetings go).  One major plus: as Kayla is mascot and not cheerleader, she got to leave when the girls were trying on uniforms & being fitted!  Whoop!

Just finished my strawberries.  I'm still hungry.  I am not sure why.  Last night I wasn't.  And I wasn't the night before either.  But tonight I am.  And my head hurts a bit.  Could be any of about a dozen reasons why.  Diet.  Hydration.  Missed medicine (but just this morning - so am now caught up again). Student teacher stress.  Student stress.  Cheer mom meeting.  Money.  Me.  Y'know.  Any number of reasons.

It'll go away or it won't.  One of the two.  And, sooner or later, it'll stop.  Ah. Pragmatism!

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