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Saturday, March 26, 2011


Every weight loss program will tell you that even if the scale isn't moving you can still determine progress from the measuring tape.  I have never enjoyed taking my measurements.  I figure, though, that my weight loss will slow & to keep my momentum (which has been astounding so far) I'll need to track those lost inches.  I didn't actually measure on day one (I do have some TERRIBLE pictures though), but I figure this "almost" is relatively like a horseshoe, right?

Then I measured today and didn't really figure I would have changed any inches.  Boy, was I wrong.  According to that tape, I've lost 9 1/2 inches so far.

I set up an Excel Spreadsheet (took forever - I know there are quick ways to do the formulas, but since I don't know them, I did it manually.  Chris is so gonna laugh at me when he finds out.) to automatically calculate my differences each week.  Hopefully, I can figure out how to copy that information here.

measurements     start    week 1 Diff
neck1616    0
chest4948      1
waist4240    2
tummy4846    2
booty45.544    1.5
rt arm1413.5   0.5
left arm1312.5   0.5
rt leg2826.5    1.5
left leg2726.5   0.5
          Inches lost   9.5
weight220.7215.4   5.3

I had to go in and adjust the spacing, but it worked!  The last column is the list of differences from week 1 to week 2.    So far, so good!

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