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Monday, March 21, 2011

Cheater, cheater pumpkin eater

That's me!

Yep... cheated again today.  602 total calories.  Still without the melba toast.

Food log:                              calories:
coffee                                           0
chicken (3.5 oz)                       164
onion                                            26
orange                                         87
chicken (130 g)                       215
cucumber                                    34
1 c thawed strawberries        77
total for day:                         602

I am amazed, though, that THAT amount of food is holding me.  For the most part.   I did get hungry today - very.  Which is why I went over on the protein for supper.  Maybe I should have had more cucumber instead.  I'll try that tomorrow if I get hungry again.  After all, my calories are obviously in my protein intake and not in the vegetable or fruit area.

But, I lost weight again.  220.7 AND when I got home I was even lower than that!  219.something.  I haven't been under 220 since before November.  Probably before October, but I'd have to check the old calendar.

Chris says he can hardly wait for tomorrow's weight.  I just laughed.  Never figured I'd hear him say that or be thinking the anywhere along those lines.  Unfortunately, I want to be DONE.  I want this to be April and to be further down this road.  I need to just breathe and take it a day at a time.  One full week is almost up.  Starting Thursday morning is week two.  I think.  Do you count from Day 1 of the HCG or Day 1 of the VLCD (very low calorie diet)?  I'll have to find out.

Kayla and I are off to our first official JV cheer squad meeting.  It starts at 7 & I still need to change clothes.  Then we have to run to Target to pick up some prescriptions.  Yuck, prescriptions.  Yuck, run to Target.  :p

Oh, well, I'll catch you up when we return.

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  1. What I wanna know is: Has y'all's grocery bill gone down? Ours is WAY high right now.