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Monday, March 28, 2011

Missed it!

I didn't log yesterday. And I didn't do my food log the day before.  There goes my perfect record!  I was aiming to log daily, but life stepped in and we got distracted by other things.  Namely, the TWT Online class I'm taking.  I was having the hardest time trying to finalize the assignment she wanted us to do.  Chris couldn't even figure out how to get the picture small enough to upload. We finally had to do a work around.  Technically, I didn't complete the assignment correctly, but I did complete it.  If she wants to see the "correct" assignment, I can email it to her.  I was so frustrated with it!  I didn't cry but I thought about it...

Weight wise?  Still losing.  Down to 213.  I haven't been this weight (according to where I track it electronically) since last August.  Wow.  I am still so amazed at this.  I keep waiting for it to stop or slow or go backwards.  I did cheat today...I made Kayla noodles and had a big tablespoon of them...  I probably should have measured exactly, but I didn't do that either...  Also, Chris wanted limeades, so got a diet limeade and added cranberry to it.  If we're going to do that, we need to add diet lime or diet cherry to it so there aren't calories.   We're still learning and testing our boundaries.  I try not to think of it as a setback, because if I do, I'll be more inclined to berate myself and then eat more.  Sigh...

food log                                            calories
melba snacks                                         48
tilapia                                                      98
cucumber                                                15
orange                                                     62
pasta dish                                               68
pork tenderloin                                     143
pickles                                                      24
more melba :(                                        150
strawberries                                            77
total for day                                          686 (not including whatever the limeade was...)

Tomorrow is another day!  I'll do better than I did today.  I know it and I promise it!

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