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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Food Log for 3/23

I nearly forgot to do my food log tonight!

food log:                                     calories:
coffee                                                 0
chicken (100g)                              165
cabbage soup                                   35
orange                                               87
melba toast                                       59
chicken                                            165
cucumber                                          34
orange                                               87
total for day:                              664

Still way over on my calories, but I'm not eating anything I'm not supposed to.  If I maintain or gain, I'll cut out the melba toast & cut back on my garlic salt.  I am SURE I overdid it on the garlic salt tonight (but it's so good on the cucumber!).

Our grocery bill has lowered so far.  We are pretty sure it will lower some more.  We'll have to watch the trends to see what we're buying and see if all this fruit and these veggies (which pretty much have to be fresh - green and leafy doesn't show up often in the frozen food aisle) are increasing our bill or lowering it.  We are expecting it to lower.  I'll track it here.

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